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Why Choose Us

Providing you with services that are custom-fitted to your exact needs will allow you to let go of all that pressure and put your trust in us during those terrible moments of sorrow.


Our team of professional and experienced funeral consultant are aware of all procedures, religious values and trends and they’ll take care of all your needs in the most convenient way.

How To Contact Us

Epilogue Funeral Consultants are always there to help you during your difficult times. Contact us to take care of all death related matters, while you and your family get the chance to mourn in peace.

Welcome to Epilogue Funerals!

Please allow our Epilogue Funeral Team to extend their deepest condolences to you and your family. We understand how difficult these times can be and we’re here to help.

For Families in the midst of grief and other emotions caused by the death of a loved one, Epilogue Funerals jumps in to provide comfort and relief from the often overwhelming details involved in arranging a funeral and dealing with legal, real estate, debt, tax and financial planning matters. Known for our empathy, expertise and outstanding services, you can be assured that we’ll be 100% there for you whenever you need to rely on us. Our #1 goal is to help out clients during these hard times of grief and sorrow.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a funeral consultant before, but even if you haven’t you probably agree that professional planners are sanity savers. Our funeral consultants will look after every detail of that often expensive, symbolic and for many of us religious ritual of a funeral and carry out the plan from start to finish in a sensitive manner.

Known. for our transparency, Epilogue Funerals  be educating you about all your options and helping you make rational decisions during your difficult time and even when you’re emotionally vulnerable. We are familiar with many vendors, funeral homes and other funeral related businesses in your area and we use this knowledge to oversee the necessary arrangements for your bereaved family, helping you stay within your budget and making sure you don’t forget anything. Right from the beginning, we earn our clients’ trust by doing all this hard and confusing work on their behalf.

Being professionally engaged with no emotional attachment helps us turn a usually difficult process into a smooth one for you, giving you the space to mourn your loss with as much peace of mind as possible.

Our services are custom tailored to your needs, so no matter what stage of the process you’re at, we can still help. If you’ve already completed the funeral, don’t worry; we can still help you take care with the rest of the procedures. We speak many languages and we’ll find you an appropriate agent that speaks your own language to help you in the most convenient and considerate way for you.

Just call us at 416.551.7272 or email us at to find out how we can help you or to request a free consultation!